The Bookies Enemy – 5 out of 5

Profit ?????

Consistency ?????

Workload ?????

Cost ? ?????


Overall ? ?????


Profit Overview: The Bookies Enemy



Consistency: The level of consistency from AH Racing was outstanding while I followed them. They had 10 profitable months out of 12 and still appear to be very consistent.


Workload: I found the tips were easy to follow, with mainly one bet per day. I?ve never really struggled to get prices quoted even if I placed the bet a few hours later.


Cost of service: This service costs ?25 a month which is reasonable for a service of this quality. You can sign up for just ?1 for the first month if you use the link below.


How I advise you follow: This is a good consistent service which should make you long term profit. I recommend you use a 100 point betting bank for this service. You can read more about using a betting bank here.


Do I still follow: You will see from my latest ?Income report? that I don?t follow this tipster anymore, mainly as I only follow 4 tipsters at a time and I have strict criteria of which ones I follow at any particular time.


Overall Rating: I personally rate this service at 4 out of 5 as I feel the return on investment of 26% is excellent, they are established long term and were very profitable for me at ?10 a point.