Income Report – May 2018

There’s no hiding from it; May was a shocker for me matched betting wise. No price boosts won, no free bet offers won, I think I only had 4 days where I made profit.

I just want to re-iterate the fact that as a beginner, if you do Matched Betting properly; you can’t really lose as you’ll be doing all the risk free and low risk offers. However, if you do it for a while like me you’ll naturally do the higher risk offers which can lead to losses.

In the grand scheme of things as long as you are value betting and matched betting then you’ll profit in the long terms; as my results show.

Its variance; to be honest this takes a while to get your head around but i’m not that emotionally attached anymore as I know overall I will make profit. I have a decent sized betting bank so I can take losses like this.

Another reason for the loss was a lack of offers; I was away for 10 days for my sisters wedding so I missed out on a third of the offers, having said that with the football season ending May was quite low on offers anyway.

Profit figures for May 2018

> Matched Betting -?312.75

Total -?312.75


Portfolio Update

The last few months have been poor in terms of profit and its safe to say I’ve neglected the matched betting a little. I’ve decided to start following tipsters again from the start of June, hopefully it will put be back on track a bit more and keep me focused. It will also be interesting to see how I get on getting the odds with my new job, as I tend to work longer hours now.

Due to my work commitments I’ve had to make a few changes to the tipsters I’m following, mainly to ensure I can get my bets on in time and they aren’t sent out during work hours. I’m done some detailed research and I’m quite exciting to be following some new services. The new tipster line up for my portfolio is below:

  1. Bookies Enemy – I was following this service before and the tips are normally send out around 5 – 7pm so should fit around my working hours fine.
  2. CD Racing – This is a new tipster I will be following from Tipsters Empire. So far hes made good profit and the tips are usually sent out around 8 – 9pm.
  3. AH Racing – Another new tipster from Punthub. Another reason for changing my tipsters is to find ones who send out less tips but are still very profitable; focusing on quality over quality. The stats and ROI% for the last 6 months look very good.
  4. Chloe’s Football Focus – I was following this service before and I like to mix it up a bit with a football tipster, The world cup is starting in June so I’m hoping the steady profit from this service will continue.


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