Income Report – April 2018

April wasn’t a great month but after the last 2 months the odds were against me. If you’ve read my previous posts you will realise that although matched betting can be risk free, I tend to now concentrate on the more profitable “value bets” and “advantage play” so I could personally have a losing month.

April wasn’t quite a losing month but I only made +?199.68 which is a pretty poor month for me and a little disappointing.

Having said that, I know the exact reasons why; I’ve been doing less matched betting as I started a new job recently (which includes quite a bit of travelling) so I’ve have less time to dedicate to matched betting.

This means I’ve basically done less offers and the ones I’ve done are the higher risk ones. The Skybet price boosts that have been so profitable for me ate into my profit, but that was bound to happen sooner or later. having said that I had a good win early on.

The Grand National Festival happened in the middle of the month; this had some decent offers however as I was working my time to profit from them was limited,my figures for the festival are below:

  • Grand National Festival Day One -?151.55
  • Grand National Festival Day Two +?95.28
  • Grand National Festival Day Three +?107.90
  • Grand National Festival Total +?51.63


As you can see from the above sometimes advantage playing doing pay off; if id had layed every bet i think id have made over ?400.

My best win of the month came from the weekly free bet offer where I won ?5 from a free bet on a random football bet; one of the good things about matched betting if that you can watch a football match with the potential to win alot of money without worrying about the outlay, as mainly its from a free bet offer.

Profit figures for April 2018

> Matched Betting +?199.68

Total +?199.68


Portfolio Update

I’m still busy and settling into my new job; although I feel not following tipsters has contributed to my low profit figures for the month I’m still just sticking to matched betting for May, its likely i’ll start again in June so keep updated.


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