Income Report – February 2018


Thankfully February was a good solid profitable month. It was a month that was pretty plain sailing. As I have been Matched Betting since May 2016 I now know what to focus my attention on.

If you read my income report for January you will know that I had a losing month Matched Betting. This was largely down to Price Boosts which didn’t win…

Well, February showed just how profitable these “Price Boosts” are. I know that mathematically they make sense, as the lay price is lower so there was no question in my mind I would stop doing them.

Of course, not all “Price Boosts” are value bets so you should always check the lay price on an exchange before working out whether its a value bet or not.

The reason I find the price boosts good is that they are value bets so should mathematically be profitable long term and they take less time than most offers. I actually started a new job in February as well so it now means I have even less time as I am working longer hours.

Tipster wise it was a good month. I decided to reduce my stake on Quentin Franks Racing from ?20 a point to ?10 a point at the start of the month due to consistency issues. Thankfully he had a solid month pulling in over 25 points profit… Definitely a step in the right direction.

I was also very happy with the Bookies Enemy who I added to my portfolio at the end of January to replace Master Racing Tipster.

Bookies Enemy pulled in over 20 points profit for me so of course I was delighted, although this was a large part due to a 50/1 winner he picked during the month I only managed to get on at 25/1 as I didn’t see the email until later in the day.


Profit figures for February 2018

> Matched Betting +?1854.79

> Quentin Franks Racing +?265.83

> Bookies Enemy +?208.36

> DG Tips +?193.95

> Chloes Football Focus -?184.67

> Total +?2338.26

Portfolio Winners
Matched Betting +?1854.79

As I said in the January income report I could never mark Matched Betting as a portfolio loser. My February profit figures above prove exactly why.

I must admit I don’t put in as many hours as I used to Matched Betting and this is why I end up doing more higher risk offers, they basically take less time. The Skybet Price boosts which made me a loss in January proved very profitable in February; I made a profit of ?1605 on the price boosts which accounted for a large percentage of my profit.

There were some excellent free bet offers in February such as Coral’s risk free ?25 bet on horse racing on the 10th which made me ?225 profit and the ongoing Bet 365 “2 goals up” offer which made me over ?100.

I couldn’t recommend Matched Betting enough, you WILL make money if you invest the time. Click the link below.


Quentin Franks Racing?+?265.83

I’m so happy that Quentin Franks is back with a profitable month. On form he really is one of the best tipsters around. I’ve actually met the guy before at a Betting Gods sponsored event and he is a great guy; very honest and knowledgeable.

The service has had a tough few months as it has struggled to hit the highs of previous years but class is permanent and I think February proved this.

The best thing about the profit from this service is that it was consistent throughout, no real stand out days just good solid consistency.


Bookies Enemy +?208.36

This was my first full month following the Bookies Enemy and I must say it hasn’t all been plain sailing. It looked like it would be a losing month until the 26th February when the horse “Major Assault” won at Lingfield at 50/1. Unfortunately I only managed to get 25/1 odds but that day I made over ?270 so it put the service well in profit for the month.

Overall I found the service easy enough to follow but its important to get the bets on within about 15 minutes as prices do drop, the above being an example.

DG Tips?+?193.95

It was a strange month for DG Tips?for more ways than one. Basically, DG Tips has been marketed under the “Tipsters Empire” website since he started. However, I received an email on 18th February from Tipsters Empire saying he was going it alone.

I’m not entirely sure what happened and wouldn’t want to get involved but at the end of the day DG Tips is a good service. Thankfully, he started on his own on Twitter. He is now called DG Racing and offered free tips for the remainder of February.

It was another winning month for the service and despite the hiccup above I made a very respectable ?193.95 profit. I just hope the service continues to be so good with the changes that have been made.


Portfolio Losers
Chloe’s Football Focus?-?184.67

Chloe’s Football Focus?had a below par month. The whole reason to have a portfolio is so when one service has a bad month hopefully the others do not. Therefore, I’m not too worried, its quite difficult to find a consistent profitable football service.

The service only had 7 winning bets (out of 37) however one of the winning tips was 8 points which returned over ?100 profit for me.

The service does sometimes give out 10 point tips and I believe this contributed to the losing month, as one of these lost. However, to be fair most tips are 1 point and normally any bets over 5 points win.


Portfolio Changes

I am very happy with how my portfolio performed in February, who wouldn’t be happy with over ?2,000 profit? However, personally I started a new job at the end of February and have decided to stop following the tipsters for a while.

I will still be Matched Betting and will provide updated on this so stay tuned. I do intend to start following tipsters again soon I just need a short break to focus my energy on the new job.




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