There are many ways to make additional income online.

The purpose of this website is to not only highlight and test these methods but to find which methods are the easiest and produce the quickest profit.

I’ve tried a number of methods of making money online since I was 18 years old (I’m 31 now). Nothing really worked that well long term. However, I’m happy to say that all that changed in May 2016 when I discovered something that makes me over ?1,000 profit every month… Matched Betting.

This is why I recommend starting with Matched Betting. It is without doubt the quickest, lowest risk and easiest to learn? method of making extra money online in this country, possibly the world. If anyone thinks different please let me know?

Sure, people make thousands each month running their website or You Tube channel, but they take time to build… lots of time. If you are looking for a fast guaranteed return, you just want to earn a little extra or you are looking at making money online as a career you have to start with Matched Betting.

Where to Start?

If you are new to Matched Betting or you have never heard of it before you may not know where to start. There are a few important things to set up before starting and the aim of this post is to guide you through the basics.

Firstly, if you are new to this blog and have never followed any service then you must start with Matched Betting. Do not follow any of the tipsters I recommend initially as these are not risk free, I do not want you to lose any of your own money.

The best thing to do is to build your profit by learning and focusing on Matched Betting, this should give you a nice amount of income you can do whatever you want with.

Plan of Action

When I first started Matched Betting I didn’t know exactly where to start. So I thought if I was to start again without any knowledge in what order would I do things, please see this “Plan of action” below:


Step 1: Set up a separate email address:?You can easily set up a new email address in gmail or outlook, personally I use gmail. I recommend you do this as it means you can keep all your Matched Betting emails separate from your normal emails.

When you are registering new bookie accounts for the free bet offers you will also have only one email address, this makes it much easier to check any offer that the bookies will exclusively send you.


Step 2: Set up a separate bank account:?It is not 100% necessary when you are first starting but I strongly recommend you set up an account that is separate from your “everyday” money. It is very easy to go online and set up a new bank account, I personally use and recommend Santander.

Again, this will keep all your money separate and it is easier to track your profits. You will probably need about ?200 to get started Matched Betting, however the more money (and time) you invest the quicker your profits will build.

Please note some people use PayPal. This is fine however you need to check the offers terms and conditions as some offers will not be eligible if you deposit with a PayPal payment method.


Step 3: Sign up to Odds Monkey😕Now you have your separate email and bank account you should sign up with OddsMonkey. OddsMonkey created the original software for all Matched Betting services so it goes without saying they are the best service around.

Once signed up, you should look at all the training videos,the work through all the “new account offers”, this should make you over ?1,000 profit. Once you have opened all new account offers you should starting doing the “daily offers” on the calendar which are not a lucrative but will steadily build your Profit.

The “OddsMonkey Community” is the online forum for OddsMonkey, this is great for asking questions to other members and keeping motivated.

Step 4: Keep Good Records: Keep records of everything you do. How much profit you make on each offer, the bookies account you used and the date you did the offer. I personally use a basic “Google Docs” document?and enter all the information on here. I just find it easier as I can access the document online at all times, I know other people use a handwritten notebook but that’s down to personal preference. A screenshot of an extract of my notes is shown below.


I then transfer the “notes” into a profit spreadsheet to keep?track of my profit and loss during each month. This helps to keep me motivated and see how my profit is building up.

To do this I use a simple spreadsheet in “Google Sheets” I have created to make recording profits simple. A screenshot of some of my spreadsheet is shown below:

You can download a copy of this spreadsheet?here. If you want to edit it and use it you need to sign into gmail open the document and “Make a copy” saving it under a different name. This should then let you enter all your necessary information.? I also use the same spreadsheet to keep a note of how much money I have in each account and any necessary “notes” as you will see below.


Step 5: Keep at it:?The only person who is stopping you from making good money online tax free is yourself! people come up with excuses all the time about why they can’t do this or why they can’t do that. The truth is, like anything, you get out what you put in.

You should try and work Matched Batting around your schedule. It is actually quite fun once you start pulling in profits and it beats watching the telly!

One of the hardest things about Matched Betting is motivating yourself to do the offers. This is why it is good to talk to other Matched Bettors on the forum and try to stay motivated. The money time you invest the more you will make!


Step 6: Consider following Tipsters:?Once you are comfortable with Matched Betting and have made a decent income from it you may want to consider following some tipsters. I would only recommend the tipsters I feature on my blog, you can of course follow others but are the results verified?

I am happy I am following tipsters that make me a good profit every month. I have to keep on top of them as no service can last forever, it is likely to tail off eventually. This is why I only recommend tipsters I currently follow or have followed in the past and recommend.

The good thing about following tipsters is that they will often class as “mug bets”. You will find that when you start Matched Betting it is a good idea to place “mug bets”. This is trying to bet like a “normal punter” which can keep your accounts open for longer and being eligible for their “free” bet offers – the holy grail of Matched Betting.

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