I started Matched Betting?in May 2016. I stumbled across it by accident, you can learn how from my “About Me” page here.

At first I was very skeptical, reading the forum of the site I had just joined and people were posting that they were doing this full time, some people had made ?100,000+ and I just thought it must be too good to be true.

18 months and ?25,000 worth of profit later l realise these kind of figures are definitely possibly. To be honest I realised this after a few months, I was just a bit gutted I didn’t know about this sooner.

The purpose of this post is to detail exactly how I made ?23,045 in the 12 months from May 2016 – April 2017. I am still making good money from matched betting today and my aim is to update the blog with a new post for every 3 months. For now I want to detail how the first 12 months went.

The value with Matched Betting sites comes in the forum. A large group of people who are making money from the same thing, and they are there to help you, explain processes and offer their knowledge on how to make the most of the multiple offers that are available every day.

The forum is actually very motivating. The thing with Matched Betting is the more time you invest the more money you will make, therefore some people are making more than others.

The other good thing about Matched Betting is that anyone can and should make over ?1,000 in the first 6 weeks of Matched Betting if they are willing to invest around 1 hour a day. The potential after this is for even higher returns. Some people make more than ?2,000 each and every month.

The more I read the forum the more I got excited by the prospect of making extra money from home and thinking how much money I could potentially make. Some posts also worried me slightly, It seems that the more you take advantage of these “Free” bet offers from bookmakers the more likely they are to “gub” you.

This means they eventually send an email saying you are no longer eligible for any free bet offers, therefore cutting off the supply of money from that particular bookmaker. I therefore decided the best way was to follow some profitable tipsters (link) and hope that by also following these tipsters, it would also mean I wasn’t just placing bets for the free bet offers, therefore, reducing my chance of being “gubbed”.

It worked out pretty well, I ended up making ?8657 from the tipsters alone, meaning ?14,388 was from the matched betting. As a summary these are the profits I made each month for the first 12 months:

  • May 2016 +?2084
  • June 2016 +?1169
  • July 2016 +?2075
  • August 2016 +?1390
  • September 2016 +?368
  • October 2016 +?3433
  • November 2016 +?3177
  • December 2016 -?424
  • January 2017 +?3197
  • February 2017 +?1343
  • March 2017 +?2229
  • April 2017 +?3004
  • TOTAL +?23045


May 2016

My first month starting very well. In fact the first day I started recording my profit on a spreadsheet was 1st May 2016. On that day I made +?1060 profit.


“On the first day I made +?1060 Profit”


It turns out this was the day that William Hill had a loophole on their website, everyone on the forum was posting how to take advantage of this “loophole”. From memory the offer was “deposit ?200 get ?400 free”. This was obviously not risk free but for an offer it only had (x1) wagering and it could be bet on blackjack, therefore making it a very good offer.

I would like to point out I have also been a “gambler” for a good number of years so this didn’t faze me too much, I certainly wouldn’t recommend any casino offers until you have been matched betting for at least 6 months.

Its always best to start with the “risk free” or “low risk” sports offers, many of which are “risk free” as you can lay off the money you spend on the bookmakers with a betting exchange (such as Betfair).

On day two the William Hill casino loophole was still working and I managed to make another +?160 from a daily reload offer. I couldn’t believe how easy this was and was starting to enjoy searching for such offers.

Luckily, the website I joined had a full list of ongoing offers for each day so I didn’t have to do any searching about. Matched betting can be done without paying for a subscription service, but it really is worth joining with a website as not only do they save so much time in searching for offers but they also have great software which saves so much time in searching for close odds matches. For ?15 a month it really is a no brainer.

I would like to point out the William Hill loophole was exactly that, a loophole. When William Hill found out it was estimated matched bettors had taken about ?1million from them and they weren’t very happy.

They actually tried confiscating withdrawals but due to a social media backlash everyone got their money in the end.