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Step 1

Read the article on how I have made over ?30,000 since May 2016. Then click one of the links to get started. Be sure to bookmark this website and subscribe to keep up to date with the best services.

Step 2

Sign up with Odds Monkey, a matched betting service and complete all the sign up offers. This should make you over ?1,000 risk free. Then move onto the daily offers shown on the Odds Monkey website.

Step 3

Consider following some of the tipsters I follow by looking at my current portfolio. Please note following tipsters is not risk free so careful research is required. As well as keeping your bookmaker accounts open for longer you can also make over ?2,000 per month.
  • Matched Betting 61% 61%
  • Quentin Franks Racing 16% 16%
  • DG Tips 10% 10%
  • Chloe’s Football Focus 4% 4%
  • Master Racing Tipster 2% 2%
  • Others 7% 7%

Portfolio Breakdown

Here you can see the percentage of my current profit total made from each service. This is helpful for me in analysing which services are performing well and which ones I should think about replacing.

You will see that the majority of my profit has come from Matched Betting. This is because matched betting is based on cashing out free bet offers and “Value Betting”. As the offers are risk free or low risk they continue to make me a lucrative steady income.

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